5 day isolation – Iceland in Covid times

The 5 day isolation and 2 test arrival.

Still in operation in November 2020 and likely in place until 2021.

This is how we are offering to help you in those 5 days.

  • Book your Keflavik airport Covid Test before leaving your home country, it is cheaper and quicker.
  • Pack an overnight bag for your first night’s stay. (You can have other bags of course)
  • Send us the flight number and ETA,  ian@ghi.is
  • Send an SMS (text) to  003546626389 once you have cleared customs and are in Arrival Hall.
  • We will collect you from the airport in our Discovery or 110 Land Rover. You will need to sit in the rear seats and wear a face mask during the transfer drive, this takes about 40 minutes.
  • When we arrive at the Guest House please keep your mask on, collect your overnight bag and any other items you need for the first night.Not all luggage.
  • We will show you to your room.
  • You must stay in this room or the closed off decking area until you receive the results of the first test.
  • You must forward that test result to us by SMS (text) or email
  • The result is normally with you within 10 hours or less
  • If it is positive, sadly we will need to move you to the accommodation explained to you in the message or phone call. We can not offer 14 day quarantine.
  • We refund you 50000 isk [306 Euro] ( We still have to sanitise the room and change linen, etc.)
  • If it is negative, then you can of course stay, in fact you must, according to the Covid-19 regulations.
  • You have a second test in 5 days, if that is positive we will move you to the accommodation explained to you by the authorities.
  • If the second test is negative, then you are free to extend your stay and travel freely but safely. We have a very cheap rate for an extended stay.


  • It is our front facing room with a great view. Central heating, you can adjust.
  • Very large en-suite toilet, shower room and access to a closed off decking area.
  • Twin beds, separated by 1 metre, it’s the regulations.
  • Two arm chairs and a fold-up table and two dining chairs.
  • We used to offer tea/coffee and home baking but we have to change this. So you have beverage making facilities, and a tin of home baking.
  • If you are required to stay overnight whilst waiting for the results, we can supply a cold salad meal. (Glasses are in the room so buy some duty free at the airport!).
  • Our Wi-Fi is free and by fibre optic and is fast, so you can do lots of surfing and research.
  • DVD player with a selection of DVDs on Iceland
  • Until the 1st test result you are restricted to just this area

After the 1st all clear result.

  • Collect your other bags, we will have kept them safe for you and sanitised the handles.
  • We can fill the hot tub for you, we have the controls by Wi-Fi we will also arrange to empty the tub every day, it is a manual empty system. (We sanitise the tub after every stay).
  • You can go for walks along our easy seaside paths, anything from a few metres to 7k. (You must wear a mask when passing other people, otherwise do not wear one; Regulation suggestion.)
  • Sit outside and watch the Northern lights, or sit in the hot tub and watch them. This does require Mother Nature to be on your side!
  • Have chats with us, at a safe distance of course and with masks.
  • Choose from our list of DVDs, not many but it helps.
  • You can order in meals, but note the room is not equipped for self catering
    https://www.aha.is/veitingar ; https://www.dominos.is/en ;
  • Or we can supply a simple 2 course meal. We can cater for almost any diet but we do need to be told beforehand.
  • With our help plan your day trips once you are free. Ian is a well acclaimed tour guide.
  • In your room you will find a net bag, put your light washing in there and contact us. We will wash and tumble dry the bag and contents and return you.

COST Prices are per booking, price in isk

  • for the 5 days including airport transfers 65000
  • 1st test is Positive, we will refund the 50000 less any booking agency fee).
  • 2 course meal, per person 4000
  • Additional Days, over the 5, 7000 per booking per day
  • All prices include all taxes. We do not charge a service charge, cleaning fee etc.

Payment by Card with PayPal or Bank Transfer, or cash.