Covid 19 and how Privileged Tours and Guest House Iceland is responding


Please refer to the Icelandic Government’s Covid 19 website before planning your trip to Iceland.



The rest of this page outlines our offer, after or when there is no 5 day Rule.

Iceland tackled the whole COVID-19 pandemic very early on, quarantined the infected and tracked all the contacts and had them isolated. Yes we sadly had deaths and life changed here and maybe things will be different. However our history, scenery, the volcanic landscape and environmentally friendly power system remains for you to see and experience. We even have a baby volcano blowing off.

Here at Privileged Guest House, and our small tour business, we are also ready to help

Privileged B&B view

The view from our decking

you enjoy your stay in Iceland with that extra level of safety and security you should be expecting from any service provider.

One simple consideration for you, the virus spreads in groups and poor personal habits, so why travel in a group and stay at a large business, small is beautiful and quite possibly a lot safer! Everyone calls it a bubble.

So let us outline our strategy to make your stay as safe as is possible:

  • At the airport you will be tested for COVID-19 (current situation  November), the results will be sent to you. Until those results are known you will not be able to commence a tour of Iceland.
  • However if you have certification of receiving vaccines or recovered from Covid, you will have an easy entry but still some extra tests.
  • If you should prove positive then you are transfered you to the government’s isolation facility. We refund you less any booking agency fee. No cancellation fee!
  • Both Frances and Ian have never had COVID-19. And yes we have been tested, a few times we are due inoculations by the end of May.

The following assumes no restriction on your movements.

Our larger en-suite bathroom

Our larger en-suite bathroom

  • We only take one booking at a time, no mixed guest groups.
  • We can only accommodate 4 persons – so no large crowds.
  • Our two en-suite rooms, each has their own private shower room and WC, so you do not need to share facilities.
  • Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned of course, but also sanitised on all hand surfaces, new toilet rolls for every new resident. (Yes we have plenty.)
  • We allow pure Icelandic air to wash out the rooms during the cleaning process..
  • Sanitiser is provided in the rooms and at our front entrance area.
  • Face masks, sold by the Chemists are available
  • We are not self-catering so all food hygiene and equipment is professionally handled and cleaned.
  • There will be no other guests other than you or your group, much safer in a bubble!
  • If guests choose an evening meal, (we need to be advised) we will only provide dinner at one time, 19:30.
  • At the present moment we are not encouraging any home delivery, take away food to be brought to the guest house. But if you must we will help.


  • We will only take one family or friend group, typically 4 persons.

    Iceland's Fall Colours

    Iceland’s Fall Colours

  • So no crowded bus. Also available for just 1 or 2 persons.
  • We will not ask you to share with others.
  • The vehicle, like our rooms, is cleaned between tours and hand surfaces are sanitised.
  • Again fresh pure Icelandic air is allowed to flow through the car.
  • Hand sanitiser is available in the car.
  • Face masks, sold by the Chemists are available
  • Tours are arranged to suit YOUR needs not ours.

Thank you and please stay safe, we want to be able to meet you in the future.
Ian and Frances Sykes