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What to Bring with you.

From our experience, of over 19 years of visiting as a tourist at different times of the year  and now living here for over 10 years, is as follows;

Your own warm clothes, but in layers. Leave room to buy an Icelandic made garment and don’t forget the tax free shopping. The store next to N1 petrol station in VIK is good, and there are many in Reykjavik itself. Try the Knitters co-operative shop. Or for cheaper options the Red Cross Shop sells Icelandic woollens, not new but wearable and the funds help the less fortunate.
Wet weather outer garment, it does rain here – from time to time. If you forget them or are short of space, we have some to borrow or buy some from a local supermarket.

Swimming gear, pack it near the top along with shower stuff, many many tourists drop by the Blue Lagoon on their way into Reykjavik. Blue Lagoon is expensive but it is one of the “Bucket List” things to do. An alternative more rustic option is the Secret lagoon. But in the last year or so many new Spas and Lagoons have opened. Be warned that naked showering is required before bathing/swimming. This washing before swimming applies to all pools in Iceland. Its why we have less chlorine in the water.

Soft shoes, slippers, flip flops, what ever you call them, indoor shoes should be near the top of the case. It is customary to remove outdoor shoes as soon as you enter a house. Some homes offer felt slip-ons (we do). It is not that long ago, we can remember it, when removing shoes was done in business premises.

Camera, charger, batteries, memory cards, all connection / charger leads.

Medication, if you need it, bring with you the repeat prescription sheet you get. It could help if you need to buy extra or Customs ask what they are.