Privileged Guest House our 5 day Covid-19 solution


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UPDATE Active from 2nd April 2021

With Iceland’s new Covid-19 control measures we look forward to saying, Welcome to Iceland, to you in person.

We are only able to accommodate bookings if your entry to Iceland does not have any border control restrictions imposed. You probably have had the correct sequence of inoculations and have certification, or you survived a Covid illness and have a different certificate and in both cases proved negative before boarding the plane.

We are not a quarantine listed Guest House so we cannot offer that service, we did but not now that we are over 70!  The government prefers to put you in a secure hotel at 10000 isk per night inclusive of basic meals.

There is much talk in the tourism industry of bubbles! Essentially they mean a closed small group.  Bubbles dramatically reduce the risk of cross contamination. We have taken this concept a little further to provide you with a solution for your stay whether it be just 2 days, a 3  or 5 days package with us or the 5 day quarantine rule, if it is in place. Once we have your booking all other rooms are taken off, of course if your booking requires both rooms then you have them, after all you brought your own group bubble. We will not mix groups or bookings.  Well we are a perfect bubble for your group.

Your own bubble. – So how does it work? 

  • Well you do not share with other guests, whilst in the house.
  • It is a joint decision with you and us if we wear masks.
  • You should wear masks in shops and service outlets.
  • Nor do you share the vehicle with others, if you take our tour offers.
  • Of course we have ample parking space if you decide to rent, we recommend Blue Car Rental simply because they helped with a Charity event. Hertz is our other suggestion.
  • You can dine in some nights or order in, use our dining room, eat with comfort and grace.
  • We service the rooms according to your wish.
  • At the end of the stay we take all of the next day to clean and sanitise for the next person or group.
  • We have a buffer day in between bookings with lots of good Icelandic fresh air blowing through the room.

We look forward to helping you have a safe Covid excellent holiday here in Iceland.

Ian and Frances Sykes

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