Privileged Guest House our 5 day Covid-19 solution


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UPDATE Active from 10th November 2020.

Despite Iceland’s new Covid-19 control measures we look forward to saying, Welcome to Iceland, to you in person.

There is much talk in the tourism industry of bubbles! Essentially they mean a closed small group.  Bubbles dramatically reduce the risk of cross contamination. We have taken this concept a little further to provide you with a solution for the 5 day quarantine rule, while it is in place. It works out at 65000 isk [399 Euro] per booking (Max 2 people) includes airport transfers.

Well we are a perfect bubble for you or the two of you. During the current situation we will only accommodate 1 or 2 persons in the same booking.   If you are a family group of 4 aplease email us so we discuss how we can help. We are not taking separate groups at the same time, so you have a private holiday in a family setting.
Your own bubble. – So how does it work? Click here to read more

We look forward to helping you have a safe Covid test 5 days and an excellent holiday here in Iceland.

Ian and Frances Sykes

We have joined the new approach to booking accommodation, reducing your cost by our reduced commission. Click here for Co-booking